In this program, students from several universities in Asia gather at selected university in Asia within scheduled times (9 days). Students will get the opportunities to see the city and recognize its history, present problems and potentials through the excursion. The main aim of this workshop is group working, designing and developing the project. The participants will be separated in groups. Each group has to propose an idea responding the local issues of the project selected by committees.

At the end of the workshop each group has to make a short presentation about their project. They will present it in front of professor and lectures as the juries and the other groups as well. The juries will select winning teams.

Date Project Theme
2024.2.23Gathering in Kitakyushu, Japan
2024.2.24Eco-campus Tour, Lecture on Japanese Urban Environment
2024.2.25Kitakyushu Environment Future City Study Tour
2024.2.26Kitakyushu City Traditional Historical and Cultural Neighborhoods Thematic Study Tour
2024.2.27Lectures on Japanese Environmental Education Topic and Study Tour
2024.2.28Special Study on Modern Industrial Culture in Japan
2024.2.29Study of Nature and Culture in Kyushu, Japan
2024.3.1Thematic Examination of Traditional Humanities and Masters’ Architecture in Kyushu, Japan
2024.3.2Thematic Study of “The Impact of Green Buildings on Environmental Planning in Large Cities”
2024.3.3Return to the Motherland